Cherie Kloss Uses Tech to Help Nurses Land Jobs

Cherie Kloss Uses Tech to Help Nurses Land Jobs

Cherie Kloss is the CEO and co-founder of Aya Healthcare, a company that uses technology to help nurses and other healthcare professionals find job opportunities across the United States.

Here’s how Aya Healthcare works:

  1. Job search: Nurses can search for job opportunities on Aya Healthcare’s website or mobile app, filtering by location, specialty, and other criteria.
  2. Application: Once nurses find a job they’re interested in, they can apply directly through Aya Healthcare’s platform.
  3. Onboarding: Aya Healthcare streamlines the onboarding process, handling paperwork and credentialing to get nurses ready to start their new job quickly and efficiently.
  4. Ongoing support: Aya Healthcare provides ongoing support to nurses throughout their assignment, including travel and housing arrangements, payroll and benefits management, and 24/7 clinical support.
  5. Career development: Aya Healthcare offers a variety of professional development opportunities, including continuing education courses and leadership training.

Through its use of technology, Aya Healthcare is able to streamline the job search and hiring process for nurses and healthcare professionals, making it easier for them to find new job opportunities and advance their careers. By providing ongoing support and professional development opportunities, Aya Healthcare also helps nurses build fulfilling and sustainable careers in the healthcare industry.

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